Disruptive and unafraid, OFF THE TURNPIKE is setting fire to everything, and is dedicated to a loud new way to release loud new music. The hard rock/alternative band from New York City is uninterested in recycling sounds of the past – they’re moving forward over untraveled ground with a diverse sound that is all their own. Even before the release of their 2012 self-titled debut album, OFF THE TURNPIKE had built a reputation for their explosive live shows; but it’s their plans for the future that has people buzzing. Instead of releasing a traditional album in a world where the focus has shifted more towards single songs, the band will be releasing six songs individually, giving each song its own time to shine. Each song will be its own multi-layered event. From release parties, to special concerts, as well as a progressive online component featuring collaborations with artists of all kinds, and mind bending music videos for each release, OFF THE TURNPIKE plans to support their music and connect to their growing fanbase in new ways.

Things are changing, and OFF THE TURNPIKE is changing with them – but one thing remains the same: the hunger for real, raw, rock music.

OFF THE TURNPIKE is: Andy Sexton (Vocals), Christian Vasquez (Guitar), Shawn Abraham (Bass), and Shawn “Salchi” Dieppa (Drums). They are not from New Jersey.

Dishwalla w/ Special Guests Off The Turnpike

BIG DAMN SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT. Dishwalla, the band behind the #1 hit 90’s alt-rock classic “Counting Blue Cars” is playing Blackthorn 51 on September 18th, with OFF THE TURNPIKE as their direct support.

We’re honored to be opening for a band that had a permanent place on our mix tapes, and that is still making great music today.

More details to be announced soon.

Let’s Burn Everything

We can’t express how thankful we areto all of you who helped make this new music possible. Now, it’s time to share it with the world – The first in our series of new music funded by our insanely amazing fanbase, who have proven they’re as hungry for something new as we are. Let’s Burn Everything.

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Listen to our brand new single “Let’s Burn Everything”!


Our self titled debut album:


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